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Proper Planning To Complete Projects On Time And Budget

Although the design and delivery of construction projects can often be a lengthy process, here at MWA, we understand the importance of adhering to a set time scale and the risks this may impose if breached.

This is why our experienced team of architects has a track record of completing projects on time and to budget, regardless of size or specification.

Successfully meeting strict timescales while delivering builds across multiple sectors and locations requires meticulous time management.

Working towards a specific timescale enables us to track the progress of a project, but it also allows our team to manage the overall costs and deal with any risks or unforeseen issues.


Prior to work beginning on site or within a property, a robust pre-planning process must be undertaken to outline a specific timeline of the entire project.

Our architects use this as a resource to identify the different stages of the build, the costs of procuring necessary materials, the logistics of operating onsite, implementing any essential health and safety requirements and creating a workforce rota.

This not only enables the MWA team to form a clear and concise programme of activity, but it provides opportunities to split the build into segmented, smaller projects.

This approach allows the MWA team to apply a bespoke and flexible work schedule, ensuring the project moves forward without the risk of extensive delays.


To further ensure the smooth delivery of a build, MWA takes pride in its ability to collaborate and engage with other relevant parties, whether that’s key stakeholders or outsourced contractors.

When delivering a complex project, it is vital that everyone involved understands the entire planning process, how long each step will last, and the approach taken to complete the build to specification and on budget.

This synergy helps to create a series of solutions that enables significant decisions to be made quickly and efficiently, whether it’s ways to maximise the efficiency of resources or minimising the risk of potential disruption to the project and surrounding areas.

The MWA team has historically implemented effective and inclusive working practises that include regular meetings and check-ups with everyone involved throughout the entirety of a build.


Whether we deliver an industrial, commercial, or private development, the potential risks must be identified before any work starts on site.

Therefore, robust health and safety measures must be practised from the offset. At MWA, we have a clear policy and all workers involved in our projects are given the assurance that they will be protected at all times.

With extensive safety management experience, our architects work with health and safety professionals to ensure all critical requirements are met and maintained throughout the entire project.

Failing to provide a safe and secure working environment will run the risk of increased delays and costs, but it will also endanger the workforce, carrying a much heftier price to pay.

The MWA team has the experience and expertise to deliver complex and multi-use developments that consistently surpass our clients’ expectations. If you want to find out more or look at examples of our previous work, call the team on 01924 464342 or drop us an email on

Successfully meeting strict timescales while delivering builds across multiple sectors and locations requires meticulous time management.

Matthew Robinson