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Minimising Disruption To Services During Construction

While construction projects can be incredibly complex, here at MWA we understand the need for businesses to function as normally as possible throughout this entire process. This is why our experienced team of architects have a track record of delivering solutions that minimise disruption without comprising our services and those delivered by our clients.

This is achieved through collaboration and a meticulous planning process, which considers a number of factors crucial to the smooth delivery of each and every construction project that we work on.


By taking this approach, we can identify peak times for businesses within a specific area. Our architects then analyse this information to form an agile approach around what type of work can be completed and, more importantly, when this should be avoided.  Whether this is a time in the day, week, month or year!

Construction work on a development situated near a residential area will be scheduled for weekdays when most residents are either in the workplace or at school. Whereas, if we are completing a project on a premise that has busy summer seasons, the build phase can be scheduled accordingly.

On occasion, flexibility in timings is simply not possible and work must be carried out on ‘live’ sites. This is our day-to-day at MWA! We have significant experience in operating within busy high footfall areas as well as high risk environments – especially when completing much larger commercial and industrial projects.

Here communication is key. Regular engagement with all stakeholders is key. This not only ensures that we all have a thorough understanding of the development process, but it also enables us to work together to make it more manageable for all parties involved. When issues arise, it also enables all concerns to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This is critical when it comes to finding robust solutions for temporary parking, access and egress routes, especially for businesses that operate delivery and drop off services.

When strategising for more complex projects, the MWA team will draw on their collective capability to structure a phased programme. This allows for the main build to be split into several smaller projects, which can then make way for a much more flexible schedule of work. The benefits of segmenting a large-scale project enables it to continually move forward without the risk of extensive delays.


Here at MWA, we pride ourselves on being able to meet the requirements of our clients, no matter how complex the brief may be. As a result, we frequently adopt and create innovative solutions that can meet with several key objectives, especially when it comes to minimising disruption.

One method we have optimised across a number of different projects is the design and production of bespoke materials off site.

The MWA team can complete the designs of building projects at manufacturing facilities situated in a separate location from the site, allowing businesses to continue to operate undisturbed.

Taking into consideration the surrounding area of the facilities, we also have the means to use acoustically enhanced materials that minimise the noise pollution and disturbance to the adjacent residential properties.

Collaboration and communication

Our ability to take a collaborative approach with stakeholders, employees and outsourced partners enables us to deliver builds to specification and on budget.

From the outset, we will ensure that meetings and check in exercises take place at regular intervals and are also attended by representatives from all parties. As experienced architects, we have seen first-hand just how quickly construction processes can change and the negative impact this can have.

To avoid such scenarios, it is essential that we implement pre-planned solutions that enable major decisions to be made quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of any prolonged delays.

Our experience and expertise have taught us what needs to be done to deliver exceptional results whilst avoiding extensive and costly disruptions. If you would like to discuss an upcoming project, or look at examples of our previous work, call the team on 01924 464342 or drop us an email on

Our experience and expertise have taught us what needs to be done to deliver exceptional results whilst avoiding extensive and costly disruptions.

Matthew Robinson