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Meet Imogen

Meet Imogen Murphy, the newest addition to the MWA team.

Imogen has spent the last few weeks taking part in work experience and we are very pleased to say that she will be staying with the team a little longer too.

MWA has always worked hard to support those starting out in their architectural careers and is passionate about nurturing, supporting and developing individuals.

Showcasing exemplary investment in people, the profession and the industry, throughout its lifespan MWA has supported over 20 team members through further education and in obtaining chartership. When it comes to work experience, well… we’ve lost count!

Damian Walsh, comments: “We see real value and take great pride in providing students and graduates with an insight into the world of architecture. On the job learning is critical for many and through our diverse client base we can provide experience within a safe yet challenging environment.

“We know that this helps students and graduates to get a great start. It also gives them the opportunity to excel in their profession.”

Imogen is a third year Architecture BA Hons student at Sheffield Hallam University.

Set to graduate in a few short months, she looked to MWA to provide much-needed work experience. Not only to support and enhance her learning, but also to help her to understand what it is like to work in a practice.

Here we catch up with Imogen to find out more about her love of architecture, her inspiration and what it is really like to work with the MWA team.

“I loved art from a young age,” comments Imogen. “It has always been my passion. I wasn’t interested in fine art, but I felt that through architecture I could enjoy my passion while pushing boundaries and changing lives – which is exactly what you can do when you work in this sector.”

Imogen is inspired by buildings that push boundaries and provoke emotion, she explains: “Maison a Bordeaux in France certainly makes you think outside of the box and shows that anything is possible. After all, who would have thought that a lift could become an office? Equally the Q1 building in the Gold Coast is so emotive. It’s so high the views from its spot-on Broad Beach are quite literally breathtaking.”

“It’s buildings like this that make me passionate about architecture. I want to learn as much as I can and obtain as much practical experience as possible, which is what the MWA team is helping me with.”

The last few weeks have certainly been invaluable for Imogen and have given her an insight into what it is like to work in a busy, productive architectural practice. She comments:

“Within the university setting, our work is often abstract, and budgets are not always a factor when releasing our creativity.

“Just being able to observe the client and consultancy relationship has helped me to better understand the briefing process and how you must deliver against constraints and ‘real’ objectives.

“Having access to market-leading tools has also been exciting. This, combined with the expertise that the MWA team has in BIM Technology, has certainly been insightful.

“One thing that I am truly grateful for is the level of support I have received – my mentor James has been a great teacher, as have the rest of the team.”

“My standout moments have been the ability to experience such a large variety of projects. As I consider my masters, this is really helping me to think about what I want to specialise in!

“Ultimately my work experience at MWA has been critical. It has helped me to understand how I can live and breathe my passion in the real world of work.”

Ultimately my work experience at MWA has been critical. It has helped me to understand how I can live and breathe my passion in the real world of work.”

Imogen Murphy