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Future proof your business with buildings that support growth

When re-designing a commercial space, or even building a brand new one, it’s important to take future growth into consideration. This means creating a flexible space, that can meet the demands of your business for many years to come.

While every project is unique, there is likely to be some elements in common. We’ve pulled together just a few considerations which will help to ensure that any upcoming commercial project is every bit as successful as your future.

Flexibility is key

As much as we might plan ahead, recent times have demonstrated that businesses must also be as prepared as possible for those unexpected changes. If a global event saw demand for your product increase, how would you accommodate the increased production? Do you have an overflow area to warehouse the stock, space to accommodate additional office or sales staff?

Budgets are always going to be an important factor, but this must be balanced with sensible contingencies that put your company in the strongest position to navigate any future increases in output. Clever project design and expert advice can ensure that space to grow is built in, saving you valuable time and money for when you need it the most.

Modern design that will stand the test of time

There’s no doubt that incorporating modern design features will make your organisation a more attractive place to work. Not only is a sleek and efficient scheme likely to increase current employee satisfaction and productivity but, as your business grows, it’s a great way to attract new talent who wish to benefit from all of the ‘mod-cons’ of the 21st century workplace.

However, we’d always recommend that ‘modern’ designs are carefully considered. While it’s great to incorporate trendy elements, what is deemed fashion forward right now may not be so desirable in a few years’ time.


When giving your premises a modern makeover, ensure that the basis of the design will stand the test of time. A classic, sleek base can soon be kept fresh and up to date with some easily adaptable additions.


Make it personal

Now for the fun part – bringing your newly designed space to life! Pops of colour, clever lighting design and fashionable features make for a vibrant and unique space which can easily be updated as your business progresses.

This is also a great point at which to engage team members. Asking what they’d like to see from their working environment shows that their opinions are valued. It also means that everyone gets to work in a space that they love!

Working together with your architect, this input can be carefully managed so that you end up with a professional space which says as much about the quality of your offering, as it does about the culture of your business.

Consider the long-term plan

Designing a building for ‘right now’ is likely to be a mistake – which is why we’d always encourage our clients to think long-term.

While incorporating additional features may feel like unnecessary spend, it will be much more cost-effective to address and plan for these now, than to ‘add’ to the design in years to come.

Ensuring that the future is part of the initial plan, will also allow your architect to suggest the most efficient solutions at the very start of the process, leading to a cohesive and well-designed project which will complement your company’s success for many years to come.

Here at MWA, we have a breadth of experience in commercial projects. Whether it’s additional office space, room to increase manufacturing capabilities or simply overhauling an existing space to meet with modern requirements, the team are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance every step of the way.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming project, call the team on 01924 464342 or drop us an email on

Working together with your architect, you can create professional space which says as much about the quality of your offering, as it does about the culture of your business.

Matthew Robinson