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Let’s be honest, there are a few things that we all need a hand with right now – but for most, it’s the dreaded home-schooling!

While we’re sure it’s been a delight spending some extra, precious time with our families, there’s an overwhelming feeling that we probably aren’t getting it quite right. Well, from our team to yours, we promise that you aren’t the only ones!

Inspired by our own minis, who have been frequently evading the national curriculum in favour of nurturing their own, shall we say, more creative talents, we wanted to share an idea or two to pass the time, while also keeping the kids (and parents happy).

So, we thought that we’d provide a welcome break from maths and english (or Nerf gun wars, as is the case in Matt Robinson’s household) and put a little MWA on the curriculum.

Now for the challenge….

We hereby task children of all ages with designing the single best architectural masterpiece that the world has EVER seen.

But first, it might help if we begin by explaining, for the benefit of the kids of course, exactly what it is that an architect does.

Well, this definitely depends on who you ask. For some, they spend a little of their time designing sweet shops – James Whipp, we’re looking at you!

For others, it can be overseeing the restoration of a mystical old building and bringing it back to its former glory (we haven’t yet worked on a castle, but in the spirit of the task, it might be a good idea to pretend that we did!). 

Maybe it’s designing the home of their dreams! For the purposes of this special assignment, the sky’s the limit - so forget the budget and simply come up with the coolest, most imaginative abode that money can buy! If that means installing a slide which spans 3 floors – so be it!

So just how does your little apprentice go about showcasing their unique designs? Well, they might want to sketch out their plans on paper; create the world’s funkiest building out of Lego; or even create a plasticine pleasure beach complete with a rollercoaster that can be seen from Mars! The good old-fashioned den building may even come into play too! Alternatively, for the more tech savvy, you could even take this a step further and bring Google Sketchup into the mix.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how your little ones choose to bring their imaginations to life. Most of all, we want to offer a little inspiration, a chance to explore what it means to be an architect – and an hour of peace and quiet for you parents!

If we’re really lucky, we might just be able to inspire a few budding architects of the future – now that’d be a way to impress the teachers when the kids return to school!

Make sure to tag us in some photos of your kid’s efforts on our Twitter page @MartinWalshArch using #MWAce. Alternatively, you can email your creations across to where we will be eagerly awaiting your entries!

There might even be a few cameo appearances from our own little apprentices - after all, they did learn from the best!




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